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The Data Base for Cycling Expertise

The Velo.Info database is searchable using the Collexis search engine. All topics that are of potential relevance to cycle policy or Cycling Master Planning are covered within the database. Users of the website are encouraged to contribute information to the site which will be added to the database. Within this framework it is anticipated that the amount and quality of data available via Velo.Info will continue to grow.

A series of twelve briefings have been developed that act as points of entry by describing the relevance of cycling to other policy areas. The briefings cover the topics:

The Velo.Info site includes a Bicycle Master Planning Framework tool is designed to assist cities in determining their current level of performance in Bicycle Master Planning; the relationship between their performance and that of other cities; and to identify the topics on which performance improvement is needed. The Bicycle Master Planning Framework identifies nineteen fundamental components necessary for successful Bicycle Master Planning. These components are grouped into four phases.

Each of the components has a detailed definition provided and different performance levels for each component are described. Cities are invited to assess themselves against this framework and to summarize their performance as being at one of five levels:

  • None: No significant activity
  • Bronze: Low level activity
  • Silver: More systematic activity
  • Gold: High quality activity
  • Platinum: Best practice

Having assessed themselves using this five point scale on each of the nineteen components, cities can then see what their overall performance has been as well as their performance in each of the Phases. Cities can also see their performance compared with the average performance of other cities, either all cities that have entered data so far or a subset based on cities of a similar size or density.

A database of more detailed activity is included within the site to allow cities to contribute information and access details of other citiesí activity. The database consists of core information, which is shared with the Bicycle Master Planning Framework and which consists of basic information:<7p>

  • Name of city
  • Source of information
  • Country of city
  • Population of city
  • Size of city (km2)
  • Modal split of city
This information is the minimum baseline which allows a city to be present in the database. Further information can be submitted in a range of topic areas. These are:
  • Cycle Security
  • Cycle Safety
  • Cycle Promotion
  • Cycle Policy
  • Cycling Funding
  • Cycling Maintenance and Monitoring
  • Cycle Training
  • Cycling and Public Transport
  • Cycling to Work/School
  • Cycling Personnel
  • Cycling Provision

Cities are invited to submit information on their performance and activity in each of these topic area. The database structure has been based on that of a range of existing benchmarking initiatives and has at this stage been populated with data from those initiatives, with the permission of the lead agencies.

Dublin Presentation

Project website: http://velo.info/
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