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A bicycle accident study - using GIS mapping and analysis
 Staats, PetraTR 3.2
A Bicycle Network for a North American Metropolis: The Case of Montreal
 Jolicoeur, MarcTR 8.4
A Course to Encourage People to Stay on the Bike
 Kramer, MarioH 7
A Framework for Bicycles at Intersections
 Cumming, AlistairTR 4.3
A Municipal Board for planning, implementation and quality maintenance (Position paper)
 Horst, Jan van derTR 8.4
A public-private partnership for the transportation concept of Potsdam's Federal Gardening Exhibition BUGA 2001
 Bracher, TilmanEC 8.2
A study on measures to promote bicycle usage in Japan
 Koike, Hirotaka; Morimoto, Akinori; Itoh, KaoruTR 8.2
A television program devoted to cycling
 Saulnier, RichardTR 6.4
Action planning for more cyclists in Odense, the national cycle city of Denmark
 Andersen, TroelsTR 1.4
Address by Amsterdam City Alderman Frank Köhler
 Köhler, FrankOTHER
An environmental assessment of the bicycle and other transport systems
 Bouwman, MirjanENV 2
Approaches to workplace cycling
 Meiklejohn, David; Marshall, GrahamTR 1.4
Attractiveness of bicycle-facilities for the users and evaluation of measures for the cycle traffic
 Bohle, WolfgangTR 1.3
Benchmarking by the Dutch Cyclists’ Union: the Cycle Balance
 Borgman, Frank; Boggelen, Otto vanBUD
Better bicycles and bicycle determinants
 Vliet, Hans vanBB
Between the national and local level: The role of regional bodies
 Vries, Bert de; Colthof, AlexTR 4.1
Between the national and the local level: the role and function of provinces
 Heringa, EvertTR 4.1
Bicycle as a part of townplanning in Lelystad
 Walraad, Adriaan; Both, RenéSP 4
Bicycle education in a non-cycling town: the initiatives of Pro-Vélo in Brussels
 Dubois, Jean-Marc; Wilde, Jean-Luc deTR 7.4
Bicycle plan for the city of Medellin
 Diaz Rivera, Gabriel AlirioTR 7.3
Bicycle theft, the Dutch experience
 Wesseling, GuusTR 6.2
Bicycle use in twentieth century Western Europe, the comparison of nine cities
 Albert de la Bruheze, AdriSP 6
Bicycles - an integral part of urban transport system in South Asian cities
 Tiwari, GeetamTR 7.2
Bicycles with turnable handlebars make parking easier and demand less room
 Meuwese, Luc; Pronk, MaartenPOST
Bicyle and pedestrian traffic conflicts on shared pavements
 Kiyota, Masaru; Vandebona, Upali; Katafuchi, Naomichi; Inoue, ShinichiTR 7.2
Bike and train, more and better
 Nijenhuis, RosalieTR 5.1
Bike security and theft prevention
 Mercat, NicolasTR 6.2
Bikes and cars related to shopping-sales in innercities
 Christiaens, BartPOST
Bikes on dikes: a Dutch plan for (almost) free wheeling
 Huffener, JoepTR 2.4
 Pacheco, AndresTR 2.1
Breathing harmful air: considerations for bicycle route selection and design
 Mark, John van derH 6
BYPAD: a benchmarking instrument for local bicycle policy?
 Asperges, Tim; Vanmaele, Luc; Lehner-Lierz, UrsulaBUD, ENV 1
Collection of cycle concepts, Up and ride safe on bike
 Jensen, Søren UnderlienTR 8.2
Community action: applying Systems Thinking to succeed [Talk] [Slides]
 Merory, JohnTR 1.1
Community Cycle City 21 Plan
 Suto, Atsushi; Koike, HirotakaPOST, TR 8.2
Concepts of urban planning to secure and promote bicycle usage
 Krause, JulianeSP 5
Conditions relating to cycling and planning parking facilities for bicycles (Falco Lecture First Prize)
 Salo, JaanaFALCO
Conducting a successfull charette, an American model for creating bicycle friendly communities
 Seiderman, Cara; Lagerwey, Peter; Goldsmith, StuartEC 7, EC 8.1
Conflicts between cyclists and motorists in Toronto, Canada
 Tomlinson, DavidTR 4.2
Cycle routes in the Czech Republic (Position paper)
 Martinek, Jaroslav; Pliskova, RadomiraEC 2
Cycle to school! A proposal for integrated policies and actions to stimulate safe bicycle use by schoolchildren in order to preserve the Dutch cycling tradition
 Zomervrucht, Janneke; Kips, Eddie; Boyd, DonaldTR 7.4
Cycle traffic 2000, implementation work in Vienna
 Ausserer, KarinPOST
Cycle traffic in Amsterdam urban planning
 Poelstra, HugoSP 4
Cycling and health [Talk] [Slides]
 Cave, JaniceH
Cycling and health policies
 Kalis, AginusH 1
Cycling as an alternative means of commuting, Evaluation of a “cycle-to-your-work” campaign in the Netherlands
 Urlings, Ilse; Proper, Karin; Hildebrandt, Vincent; Eikhout, SandraH 4
Cycling in Amsterdam
 Schaap, TonSP 2
Cycling in Amsterdam, developments and policies
 Langenberg, PexOPEN
Cycling in the 21st century Europe: what the experts forecast
 Tolley, Rodney; Lumsdon, LesEC 1
Cycling infrastructure design and urban public space, a comaprison of cycling design manuals
 Julien, ArantxaTR 5.3
Cycling parking facility model
 Cvar, Andrej; Jovanovich, GoranTR 1.3
Cycling to health, the Netherlands on the Move!
 Wolfhagen, Peter; Leurs, Mariken H 8
Cyclist safety at signalised junctions
 Jensen, Søren UnderlienTR 4.3
Cyclist-friendly cars?
 Garfield, David S.POST
Cyclists and Environmentalists: Friends or Foes?
 Hyla, MarcinENV 4
Cyclists friendly traffic policy, case study Ptuj (Slovenia)
 Lep, Marjan; Toplak, Sebastian; Perunoviæ, RadmiloPOST
Discussion points: Integrated and segregated facilities world-wide
 Sebastian, JamesTR 3.3
Do cyclists need mandatory helmets?
 Resinger, Hildegard; Ferrando, HaritzH 6
Electronically controlled cycle parking - a valuable component of bike and ride? Ghent railway station - a case study
 Sully, AlexTR 5.4
Factors in the design of a bikeway network in a medium-sized city: the case of Tuluá in Colombia
 Sarmiento, IvánTR 7.3
Falco Lecture First Prize: Conditions relating to cycling and planning parking facilities for bicycles
 Salo, JaanaFALCO
Falco Lecture Second Prize Winning Paper
 Groll, MichaelFALCO
Falco Lecture Third Prize Winning Paper
 Sebban, Annie-ClaudeFALCO
Folding Bikes, are they worth fighting for?
 Tóth, AndrásPOST
Free city bike schemes
 Jensen, Søren B.TR 2.4
From foldable to portable bicycles (Position paper)
 Tóth, AndrásBB
From home to school, greater safety for young cyclists (and pedestrians)
 Wolters, Jack; Ruijer, ErnaTR 4.4
From talk to tarmac: Project Management lessons from the Perth Bicycle Network Program, Australia
 Graham, ColinTR 8.4
Funding eligibility for non-motorized transport projects from environmental donor agencies, The indian cycle rickshaw improvement project
 Hook, Walter; Ravi, RajendraENV 3
Get on your bike! Bicycle and traffic lessons for foreigners in Tilburg, the Netherlands
 Kloof, Angela van derH 5
Getting Started (Position paper)
 Garfield, DavidTR 3.1
Group cycling tours: A “business” approach to the promotion of cycling
 Boivin, RobertEC 2
How can the bicycle assist in poverty eradication and social development in Africa? (Position paper)
 Heyen-Perschon, Jürgen; Kisamadu, RichardEC 3
How far are “ordinary” cyclists happy to cycle as part of an ordinary journey? Where to spend the money
 Sully, AlexTR 1.2
How to foster the links between transport, human nature and sustainable development
 Zimmermann, MatthiasEN
How to solve bicycle parking problems in densely populated inner cities
 Kernkamp, Herman; Veldkamp, FreerkTR 3.4
Impact of spatial planning on sustainable traffic safety, the mix of different transport modes as explanatory element (case study on the city of Mechelen)
 Dufays, Tony; Steenberghen, ThérèseTR 5.2
Implementation work in Vienna (Position paper)
 Ausserer, Karin; Berger, Thomas; Risser, RalfTR 8.4
Improving professional training for bicycle planning in the UK
 McClintock, Hugh; Philippou, PhilBUD
Integrating Cycle Facilities within a Transportation Strategy Framework
 Ahearne, MichaelTR 2.3
Integrating the urban cycle network with local centres, cycle route through Ranelagh village
 Mac Aree, Michael; Margolis, SteveSP 5
Intercept surveys of cycle usage
 Richardson, Anthony J.; Utiger, Martin; Tschopp, JürgTR 2.2
 Csaba, KorenTR
Introduction Velo-city Falco Lecture Prize
Is the trade ready for the future? (Position paper)
 Garfield, DavidEC 1
Is U.S. Clean Air policy promoting bicycling?
 Orcutt, JonENV 3
Journey in the future: the power of imagination
 Kwakkestein, Rita; Slebos, ClasienENV 5
Jumpstarting bicycle transportation in the United States: the carrot or the stick?
 Goldsmith, Stuart; Lagerwey, PeterTR 1.1
La Route Verte: a cycling challenge, a planning challenge
 Pronovost, Jean-François; Panneton, MarcTR 8.3
Land use and cycling
 Jensen, Søren UnderlienSP 3
Millennium Trails - honor the past, imagine the future
 Olson, JeffTR 8.3
Models For Change, Ensuring Excellence in an Emerging Profession: the Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals
 Clarke, AndyWWE
Models of Health Behaviour-Change Applied to Cycling Promotion in Western Australia
 Greig, RussellTR 6.4
More cycling by technical innovation (Position paper)
 Laan, Frank van derBB
National routes to change transport culture
 Insall, PhilipEC
NS Fiets BV, Management of bicycle parking at Dutch railway stations
 Vermeul, MartinTR 5.1
On better bicycles
 Veer, Peter van derBB
One million students on bicycles, Bicycles for transportation and health in Texas
 Cummins, Gayle; Preston Tyree, W.H 7
Pedala Floripa Project
 Xavier, Giselle; Miranda, Antonio; Della Giustina, Milton CarlosPOST
Pedalling out of the greenhouse? quantifying the environmental benefits of municipal law-enforcement patrols in the USA
 Maddox, HeathENV 2
Portland's blue bike lanes: adapting a European treatment to a United States city
 Hunter, William; Harkey, David; Stewart, Richard; Birk, MiaTR 6.3
Position paper: A Municipal Board for planning, implementation and quality maintenance
 Horst, Jan van derTR 8.4
Position paper: Community Cycle City 21 PLAN
 Suto, Atsushi; Koike, HirotakaTR 8.2
Position paper: Cycle routes in the Czech Republic
 Martinek, Jaroslav; Pliskova, RadomiraEC 2
Position paper: From foldable to portable bicycles
 Tóth, AndrásBB
Position paper: Getting Started
 Garfield, DavidTR 3.1
Position paper: How can the bicycle assist in poverty eradication and social development in Africa?
 Heyen-Perschon, Jürgen; Kisamadu, RichardEC 3
Position paper: Implementation work in Vienna
 Ausserer, Karin; Berger, Thomas; Risser, RalfTR 8.4
Position paper: Is the trade ready for the future?
 Garfield, DavidEC 1
Position paper: More cycling by technical innovation
 Laan, Frank van derBB
Position paper: Vertical and horizontal integration in bicycle planning, a contribution from the USA
 Balsas, CarlosTR 8.1
Position paper: Visual Simulation as a tool for bicycle route feasibility assessment & planning
 Kumble, PeterOTHER
Position paper: World mobility trends: what place for the bicycle?
 Papon, FrancisTR 1.2
Priority for cycling in an urban traffic control system
 Clark, Stephen D.; Page, Mathew W.TR 6.3
Productive and Liveable Cities, Guidelines for pedestrian and bicycle traffic in African cities
 Tembele, RusticaPLEN
Progress Report on the U.S. Government Efforts Promoting Bicycle Use and Safety, Funding Bicycle Projects and Programs at the Local Level
 Fegan, JohnTR 7.1
Promoting active commuting - Success for walking but not for cycling
 Crawford, Fiona; Mutrie, Nanette; Blamey, Avril; Carney, ClaireH 2
Promoting Cycling within Employer Green Commuter Plans
 Cleary, JohannaEC 4
Public health advocacy for bicycling, why, what and how
 Wilkinson, BillH 2
Rapidly Developing Government Policy for Bicycle Traffic in Japan
 Uchimura, ShunichiTR 3.1
Realisations and performances of bikeway infrastructure in Poland
 Zalewski, AndrzejPOST
Report Workshop EC 3
 Krag, ThomasEC 3
Report Workshop EC 6.2
 Krag, ThomasEC 6.2
Report Workshop EC 8.2
 Jackson, MichaelEC 8.2
Report Workshop H 5
 Hajinikitas, ContessaH 5
Report Workshop SP 2
 Morel, ClaudeSP 2
Report Workshop TR 1.4
 Ryan, TerryTR 1.4
Report workshop TR 4.3
 Eriksson, AnneTR 4.3
Report Workshop TR 5.1
 Eriksson, AnneTR 5.1
Report Workshop TR 5.3
 Godefrooij, TomTR 5.3
Requirements for modelling bicycle traffic
 Keränen, MattiTR 3.2
Revolving Doors: Aligning the user, the planner, the bureaucrat and the politician
 Ker, IanTR 8.1
Safe routes to school
 Osborne, PaulPLEN, TR 7.4
Safety and vulnerability of cycling, the interdependency between mobility and safety
 Wittink, RoelofTR 5.2
Segregation or integration? The Dutch approach
 Godefrooij, TomTR 3.3
Sophisticated physical improvements in Odense
 Lumholdt, HenrikTR 3.4
Speech of the Minister of Transport, Public Works and Water Management of the Netherlands
 Netelenbos, TinekePLEN
Speech on behalf of the Minister of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment Jan Pronk
 Pronk, Jan; Ravesteyn, Nico vanPLEN
Speed reduction, traffic calming or cycling facilities: a question of what best achieves the goals?
 Yeates, MichaelWWE
Speeding up slowing down
 Mathew, DonWWE
Strategies for knowledge transfer between experienced countries and countries without bicycle infrastructure, Examples from Danish cooperation with Baltic Countries and from the EuroVelo project
 Larsen, Jens ErikBUD
Sustainable road safety, opportunities and threats for cyclists
 Boggelen, Otto vanWWE
Technical excursion Jan van galenstraat: cycling through the nineteenth century districts, Amsterdams bicycle policy in practice
 Jonker, AddySP 2
The Amsterdam Declaration
 Vélo Mondial 2000CLOSE
The Amsterdam Declaration, Press Version
 Vélo Mondial 2000CLOSE
The appliance of Dutch cycle experiences in Colombia in the process of developing a bicycle infrastructure in Santa Fé de Bogotá
 Daggers, TonBUD
The bicycle as “polder-model”
 Kunnen, BertSP 8
The Bicycle Co-ordinator / Cycling Officer: A Critical Catalyst for Change in a Car Culture
 Clarke, AndyTR 8.1
The bicycle in southern Africa
 Waal, Louis deTR 3.1
The Bicycle Industry: Local provider. Global partner?
 Oxer, MichaelEC 1
The Bonn Experience
 Schlottmann, GuidoWWE
The campaign “Cycle to Work” scores a lot of points
 Phernambucq, AdH 8
The cycling system: Let's make its invisible parts visible
 Lehner-Lierz, UrsulaDE
The Danish Bicycle to Work Campaign 1999: an efficient combination of lottery and cycling
 Krag, ThomasH 4
The Delft Low-Cost Mobility Statement
 Expert Group meeting on low-cost mobility in African citiesCLOSE
The Dutch Experience with governmental bicycle policies
 Welleman, TonDE
The economic impact of long distance cycle routes, the North Sea Cycle Route (NSCR)
 Lumsdon, Les; Downward, PaulEC 2
The economic significance of cycling, a survey to illustrate the costs and benefits of cycling policy world-wide
 Buis, JeroenEC 4
The experience of the Dutch Cyclists’ Union, twenty five years Dutch Cyclists’ Union (Fietsersbond)
 Ensink, BernhardDE
The Graz traffic calming model and its consequences for cyclists
 Hönig, ManfredWWE
The latent demand method
 Landis, Bruce; Ottenberg, Russell; Vatticuti, VenkatTR 1.2
The link between environmental policy and bicycle planning
 Schoeters, KarlaENV 1
The Markina Bikeways Network: an initial breakthrough in local sustainable transport planning
 Fernan, RamonTR 7.3
The Munich bicycle development concept
 Bördlein, EvaTR 8.4
The Scottish Cycle Challenge Initiative
 Moore, JonathanTR 7.1
The use of bicycles in two newly-designed cities
 Roy, Karel deSP 1
The vital link between bicycle planning and national environmental planning
 Parker, Alan; Harland, JohnENV 1
The Western Australian Cycling 100 Project
 Marshall, Graham; Booth, JanelleH 5
Traffic calming and the politics of speed
 Dowlin, JohnWWE
Traffic Engineer Meets Urban Planner - Local Traffic Performance: Development and Application of Integrated Urban and Transport Planning
 Jansen, AlbertSP 8
Traffic system, space demand and urban structure
 Apel, DieterSP 1
Transportation and development in Uganda
 Mwebesa, ChristineWWE
Travel to the future: the role of non-motorised modes in an environmentally sustainable transport system
 Geurs, Karst; Wee, Bert vanENV 5
Two networks are better than one
 Mann, RichardTR 2.3
Urban design as an helping hand to promote bike-use; Urban pattern based design steps
 Bach, Boudewijn; Pressman, NormanBUD
Urban form, road network design and bicycle use, the case of Quebec City's metropolitan area
 Noël, Nathalie; Lee-Gosselin, Martin E.H.SP 6
US bicycle traffic fatalities, trends and characteristics
 Geary, Riley R.POST
User inquiry as instrument for improving policies
 Kroon, PaxTR 2.2
Using Special Projects to Increase Cycling: The Sydney 2000 Olympics as a Case Study
 Hajinikitas, ContessaEC 8.2
VeloInfo, European Network for Cycling Expertise
 Wittink, Roelof; Bracher, Tilman; McClintock, Hugh; Coppieters, Marie Caroline; Rebolj, DanijelBUD
Vertical and horizontal integration in bicycle planning, a contribution from the USA (Position paper)
 Balsas, CarlosTR 8.1
Visual Simulation as a tool for bicycle route feasibility assessment & planning (Position paper)
 Kumble, PeterOTHER
Welcome speech at the “Fietsfeest”
 Schmidt, TacoOTHER
What about traffic calming in Latin America?
 Cordero Velásquez, CarlosWWE
WHO Euregio Charter on Transport, Environment and Health, discussion on its actual impact on transport policy
 Man, Hans de; Linden, Piet van derH 1
Women NGO advocating for and implementing bicycle use - 5 years experience: evaluation and proposal for further use
 Mellouli, Khadouja; Kamel, EsseghairiEC 3
Word of welcome by the mayor of Amsterdam Schelto Patijn
 Patijn, ScheltoOPEN
Work trips and safety of bicyclists: the international experience
 Mohan, DineshTR 4.2
Workbikes, tools for a sustainable community
 Rhodes, ShaneEC 6.2
World mobility trends: what place for the bicycle? (Position paper)
 Papon, FrancisTR 1.2